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page feature to ignore certain colours

Hi all I am trying to make a page feature that will ignore a range of colours, I am having no success at all, no errors nothing happens, the code is...

2017-02-02 20:43:12 by Kevin

Pantone emulation problem.

We've been supplied a Harlequin Rip v9.0 r2 on a litho press with digital plate making and we're having problems with pantones in our artwork. It...

2016-06-15 11:29:56 by stroup

Transparency Blending Colour Space

Dear All, We are getting some PDF ver 1.7 from our CCI Newsgate 3.8 Editorial system that have Transparency Blending Color Space as Device RGB ...

2016-05-12 07:54:01 by siva

Looking for a page feature to correct skew

I'm using ECRM Ripmate RIP to output to a ECRM DPX2. The only way to correct skew on output from the DPX2 is using different tension springs on the...

2016-04-26 14:37:56 by ken

Negative and Mirror settings won't stay

Here's a question from the wayback machine. Running 5.4 to run an Accuset 1000 from a Mac (8.6 - told you, w-a-y-b-a-c-k). We're trying to...

2016-04-12 14:39:39 by Electronic Ink

CMTK Images getting separated in RIP

Hi, In some of the PDFs (1.7) from our new editorial systems, images that show as "Not Device CMYK" in Acrobat are getting re-separated in the...

2016-03-08 14:06:56 by siva

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