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A high-performance PostScript language interpreter that manages color production tasks including RIPping, previewing, storing and transferring files to the proper image setting device. :Arkitex Grafix RIPs drive a variety of imagers including capstan, color drum recorders, computer-to-plate, laser printers and transmission systems
Express RIP
ExpressRIP provides a comprehensive array of image processing and workflow solutions, supporting over 180 image setters, plate setters, ink-jet plotters and color lasers. ExpressRIP also features an impressive line-up of advanced screening, trapping and color management options
A PostScript© language interpreter, rasterizer and complete RIP Management System that can process a wide variety of file formats including PDF, EPS and TIFF
Workflow ESP, DigiPage, FTIFF, Fusion RIP, Fusion SiLK, PPS, ColorRay
Workflow ESP - with DigiPage or FTIFF and a Harelquin RIP at its core - is Fusion Systems' automated pre-press solution for Windows, OS X and Linux. Fusion SiLK is for Silkscreeners. PPS is a Web-based publication proofing system for all Harlequin RIPs. ColorRay is proofing system for large format printers, plotters and devices. Fusion Systems provides open, scalable, and super fast pre-press plug-ins for commercial printers and newspapers.
HQ RIP, RealTimeProof, IJ Docs software
HQ RIP provides output support for Kodak Approval digital proofer, including Recipe Colors. RealTimeProof is a suite of web-based, collaborative proofing and remote approval solutions that provide previously unattainable accuracy and image quality for remote soft- and hard-proofing. IJ Docs Software is a full-featured suite that provides a way to create jobs on all KODAK VERSAMARK printing systems that support the Inkjet Printing Data Stream (IJPDS) format.
Rasterize-it, PrePage-it
Output support for 1-bit TIFF, 8-bit TIFF, PDF, PDF/X1-A, Photoshop .psd and other ROOM file types
Momentum RIP
Output support for Presstek DI Presses
RTI Rip-Kit
RIP-Kit is a PostScript 3 Software RIP that runs on Windows or Macintosh operating systems. It provides support for over 200 output devices including platesetters, imagesetters, proofing devices and printing presses. RIP-Kit also offers TIFF output for CTP, PDF output, trapping, color management, CIP3, advanced screening and Print Production Workflow software.
Support for 3404DI offset press
HQ-510 RIP, PixelStream Workflow Solution
The HQ-510 RIP is a high-performance, PostScript RIP for driving image setters. PixelStream Workflow Solution is a powerful, reliable, and integrated system that combines all the elements of a traditional digital pre-press workflow into a single economical unit for creating pages, trapping, rendering, imposing, and creating film or plates.
Output support for imagesetters, platesetters, & color proofers
Navigator RIP
Torrent RIP
Xitron's Navigator RIP excels in performance, reliability, and value. Powered by the latest Harlequin RIP, Navigator is available as a standalone RIP for output and/or proofing, a basic job management system with Navigator GPS or as a fully featured pre-press workflow with the Navigator Elite Workflow.
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Harlequin PLUS server RIP (v8.0) box
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