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TIFF/IT creation

TIFF/IT (Tag Image File Format/Image Technology) is a standardised format for the exchange of raster data. TIFF/IT is an optional output plug-in for the Harlequin RIP which enables users to output a 1-bit or 8-bit separated or composite file set which is most commonly required for compatibility with other prepress systems or submission to some print or publication companies.

Including TIFF/IT as an option with the Harlequin RIP enables in-house marketing communications departments, prepress and catalog houses, and printers to create industry-standard CMYK TIFF/IT-P1 files for highly consistent file transfer and exchange.

little man All creative, prepress and print organizations can now create industry standard TIFF/IT-P1 files for highly consistent file submission to legacy workflows.

The TIFF/IT file format is defined in ISO standard 12639 and contains three conformance levels, of which TIFF/IT-P1 is the most widely supported.

TIFF/IT-P1 file sets usually consist of 3 or 4 files:

  • Final Page or (FP)
  • Continuous Tone image (CT)
  • Line Work image (LW)
  • High resolution Contone files (HC - optional)

The Harlequin TIFF/IT plugin can also generate CT, LW and HC files individually, and supports additional file types:

  • Binary Linework files (BL)
  • Binary Picture files (BP)
  • Monochrome Picture (MP)