The Harlequin RIP which drives your print operation is probably a tool that you never give a second thought to!

It RIPs pages every day without fail, does what you expect time after time and provides the quality standard your customers expect.

But, what if it did more than RIP pages, surpassed your expectations, provided the added features and functions which delighted your customers and increased your efficiency and profitability?

Upgrading your Harlequin RIP now will enable you to evaluate a full range of in-RIP options and bring your operation up to date with a range of new features for customers who increasingly demand more from their printer.


Harlequin TrapPro™

If colors overlap, register your print operation with Harlequin®...

Adds the features demanded by top printers and publishers and is designed to trap jobs automatically

Harlequin Simple Imposition

Self-imposed problems are the easiest to avoid...

A Harlequin in-RIPImposition enabled workflow reduces costs, is more efficient, extensible and, quite simply, generates plates faster.

Harlequin Dispersed Screening (HDS)

Screening for perfection is a continuous process...

Enables sharper reproduction, easily reproduces moiré susceptible images and produces highly detailed output.

Harlequin ColorPro™

Supporting you with true colors...

Ensures that all workflow color challenges are accurately and efficiently configured in the RIP prior to printing, plating or proofing.

CIP3 plug-in for the Harlequin RIP

CIP3 – one-time acquisition and optimization of file data...

The Harlequin CIP3, PPF Plugin optimizes computer-based integration of workflow processes, saves press operator time, minimizes errors and reduces waste


TIFF/IT-P1 - file creation for robust delivery to legacy workflows

Creative, prepress and print organizations can now create industry standard TIFF-IT-P1 files for highly consistent file submission to legacy workflows

Harlequin Cross-Modulated Screening

Improve your print quality with hybrid screening.