Try Before You Buy

Try Before You Buy (TBYB) allows you to evaluate a product option so that you can decide whether it meets your needs prior to purchasing.

We normally allow you to evaluate product options for up to 30 days.

In order to provide you with your evaluation software we will need you to give us information about your RIP and an email address to send the necessary information to you.

Dongle Serial No.*
Dongle Security Code*
Your Contact Name*
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Your email*
Evaluation Software for your RIP

Please choose from the following list of product options, you may select more than one option:

Harlequin Simple Imposition
Harlequin Dispersed Screening
Harlequin TrapPro
Harlequin Print Production Manager
Harlequin ColorPro

Please note that TBYB licenses for some of the products listed may not be supported by your RIP. If you are experiencing problems please email

What Next?

Once we have validated your RIP information and eligibility we will email you with passwords or permit files and instructions detailing how you can begin your evaluation. We will also include details of who to contact should you experience problems.